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> Janne Pesonen, Pens fans looking for some info
viesti 28.07.08 02:10
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Hi, there, folks.
First of all, I wanna congratulate you for the 4 titles in 5 years, specially the last one.
I'm a Pittsburgh Penguins fan and I've started to follow Kärpät recently,
and I got surprised Janne Pesonen reportedly signed with the Pens.

All of a sudden, though, a rumor was started in US saying that Pesonen would come back to Finland and would not play for the Pens. Do you guys have some info about this?

Thanks in advance!
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viesti 28.07.08 09:49
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All I can say atm is, that the rumour that Pesonen plays the coming season in Finland sounds a bit weird. Pesonen´s agent said already, that he won´t play in Finland. So if he´s not playing for the Pens, he probably goes to Russia or Sweden. In my opinion that could be sad, because Pens would have a good team with Pesonen, Crosby, Malkin & co. cool.gif
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viesti 11.10.10 16:55
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Velkommen the ken!
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viesti 12.10.10 21:10
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What will happen next now?
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